On Missing Out

Two of the things I like most about the work of BC Edwards–both in his prose and poetry–are 1) his way of making imaginative narrative leaps (you never end up where you expect to), and 2) his humor (both funny ha ha and funny strange). Happily, both are in evidence in his essay, up today at Monkeybicycle, about how missing out onTwin Peaks became a kind of badge he now wears with pride. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

P.S. A few weeks ago we ran another piece written by an author who hadn’t seen Twin Peaks, and a reader contacted me on Twitter to say he’d prefer essays by people who had (the note was good-humored, to be fair). Normally I’d sympathize–participants in a project nominally about a subject should obviously be able to demonstrate some understanding, even expertise, about said subject, right? And yet, because Twin Peaks was/is such a cultural touchstone, I think it’s interesting to hear from those on the sidelines, from people who, instead of being shot directly in the heart by this show, were merely grazed.